12 August, 2020

Chinese businesses to take care of new naming restrictions: state media

SHANGHAI (Reuters) – Chinese enterprises are going to be banned from using words like “China”, “Chinese” or “State” within their names, the Communist Party-run People’s Daily newspaper said , citing draft proposals from market regulators.

China has become increasingly wary about the use of sensitive language and imagery for commercial or entertainment purposes. They have also taken action to ban any susipicious activity regarding the nation’s anthem along with satirical representations of historical and in some cases fictional heroes.

The new draft rules from the state run Administration for Market Regulation said prescribed medication words in company names was “detrimental towards the interests of state and society” and needed to be banned.

The new rules would also ban non-state firms from describing themselves as “Central”, “Nationwide”, “State” or “International”.

The new restrictions allows, as an example, a corporation to mention itself “Acme China Jewellery” yet not “China Acme” unless it gains the explicit approval from the State Council, China’s cabinet.

Companies are likewise banned from using words for foreign countries, regions, companies or organizations, or deploy any name meant to deceive or mislead anyone, the People’s Daily said.

The paper failed to say regardless of if the name restrictions were linked with ip problems that have been raised in trade disputes amongst the Us and China.